Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pretty in pink!

 After making the fabulous beach themed cake for the father of a friend, I was then asked if I would make his wife a birthday cake too!!
The idea for this cake came from the Pink Cake Box, who have some fabulous cakes!! It only needed to be simple, and it was actually a lovely little cake to make!!
If I remember correctly, the top tier was 4 inches wide, and the bottom tier 7 inches. At the time I didn't have a 4 inch cake tin, so I actually made a slab cake and used a cutter to cut the layers of the cake!! It worked out really well! (And cooked a lot quicker too - bonus!)

The hardest part of the cake was actually making the bow on top! I have never made one like this before, so I really just went with how I thought it should be made!! I used CMC to mix up some modelling fondant, and when it was ready, just rolled out strips and pinched them into little loops. Once they were dry and the rest of the cake was ready, I just placed them on top and stuck them down!

I am really pleased how this cake came out. Simple design, easy to put together, and very effective! Another to add to my list of 'Go to cakes'!!

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