Saturday, 29 June 2013

Learning something new!

I am always coming across cakes that have something about them I've not tried before! Whether it's a paint effect, the carving of it, or just the decoration! I always add these cakes to my list of things to try!!
 This next cake was so much fun to make because I got to try out 3 new things all in one go!!

It was to be a surprise cake for the lovely mum of one of my friends! I was mostly left to decide on the cake myself, but my main brief was Owls!! I have always wanted to make owls to go on a cake, so that was number one!

Owls made from rice krispie treats. 

Number two, was that to go with those owls, I was going to make a bird cage! I have always wanted to make a bird cage, but this one was going to be a little different! Instead of being light and flowery, I was going to make it blue, with black cage bars! All to make it look like a midnight setting (Owls are nocturnal right?? ;) ).

(Ok, still flowery...)

This is where number three comes in... To save costs (dark fondant colours cost a lot you know!), I had decided to cover it in white fondant, and then airbrush it blue!  Having recently received an airbrush kit for my birthday, I was dying to try it out!!
I also got a bit carried away and decided to spray over some leaves (edible!) from the garden, to give the base of the cake a look of foliage!

So, after modelling the owls with RKT (Rice Krispie Treat), decorating them, and covering/spraying the base and the cage, It was time to decorate the cage with bars! I did this using a mix of black fondant and CMC (awesome stuff!!). I added quite a bit of CMC, and the bars were really easy to roll and put in place!

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