Tuesday, 12 August 2014

One for the Directioners!

Hello again Dear blog followers!! It has been an age since I last posted, and time certainly flies, especially with 2 small children to contend with! I have many cakes to share with you now, and first up is one that got a lot of attention!...

The One Direction cake!

I am not particularly good at modelling figures, so when I was asked to create a One Direction cake I looked for inspiration at my favourite library - Pinterest!

That the cake should have their logo on was a given, but I wanted to represent the members of the group, and so I decided to make them into silhouettes! I have seen plenty of good examples of this on cakes, and figured it shouldn't be too difficult to do!

My only advice here is to be sure you have a good cutting blade (I use one like this), and some modelling fondant! Trying this sort of thing with normal fondant will just leave you with a brittle  piece of work that will most likely crumble when you want to attach it to your cake!

Next up, find your images! I like to do a Google search for this, and usually end up finding a good image to work from. I then print it to the size I want it, cut it out, and lay it over the fondant, holding it gently while I carefully cut with my scalpel. It is fiddly, and time consuming, and nearly always causes some swearing, but luckily with this cake the images I needed were fairly straightforward, and I was pleased with the results!

The cake itself didn't need to be too big, and I used bold colours to represent the band. Here it is put together and ready to go!

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