Sunday, 1 December 2013

Jack Skellington meets Monster High

This is one of my favourite cakes to date!!
And what's more, was designed with the help of the 9 year old whose birthday it was for! You can't get more personal than that!!
With the help of Pinterest, we picked out a few ideas, and chose a 3 tier cake.
We had great fun choosing the design, which was based mainly on one of her favourite things, Monster High!  Now if you've never heard of Monster High, then I would probably describe it as Barbie and Ken for the supernatural!!
Another love of hers was A Nightmare before Christmas, and so it was decided that Jack Skellington would adorn the top of the cake!

3 tiers of chocolate cake, iced in blue, black and pink and stacked to over a foot tall!

The Monster High skull symbols were cut using a skull and crossbones cutter, and I just removed the crossbone part. This worked really well!

I made the Monster High Logo with some modelling fondant, and dried it on the side of a dummy cake so it would have enough curve to fit on the cake.
I had a few attempts to get Jack's face right, not as difficult as I'd originally thought, but I wanted to get the size and expression right.

Here is the finished cake. The symbols around the bottom are the different character signs, which were hand painted onto modelling fondant.
Getting Jack to sit on top required the use of some wire, and lots of glue!! But he stayed nice and sturdy once set.

Here is his close up...

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