Sunday, 6 October 2013

A little bit of Wild West

The daughter turned 3 back at the start of the summer holidays, and while she is young enough not to care how girly her party is, I decided to have a Wild West themed one!
The time will no doubt come, when it's going to be all about the pink, fluffy cuteness!! *shudder* So I am making the most of it now!

Once again I got the air brush out on this one for the blue sky, and gave it a bit of a swirly effect.
It was pretty simply made, with lots of little things to depict a ranch and Native Indian teepees!

She loved it, and had a fantastic time running around with her friends. My only failure here was that I lost the birthday candles, and had to put 3 night lights on the cake for her to blow out!! Whoops!!

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