Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Piece of cake

It has been a while since my last post! This is mainly due to the summer holidays arriving... It is hard to sit down and concentrate on writing when your two kids are running around like loons...
Anyway, I have found a little peace and quiet (for a short time at least!), so here goes!

Sometimes my favourite cakes are those where I'm not really given much of a brief! For this cake, I'd been given suggestions, but ultimately was left to decide how to decorate it! This usually means I get to try something new, or make a cake I've been wanting to make for ages!! ;)

In this case, it was to cut a wedge from a cake, and then redecorate it to look like... a cake!! Go figure!

The cake was vanilla sponge, vanilla butter icing and strawberry jam. I made 2 tiers, both 4 inches deep. From the smaller of the two, I cut out a wedge, then gave them all a crumb coating. This is actually pretty difficult to do to the wedge!! Next time, I think I will hold it together with some skewers, to make it easier to coat!!

I used brown (chocolate) fondant to cover all the cakes. This stuff is very odd to work with!! It is flexible, and stretchy, and makes smoothing the tiers down pretty difficult! I got there in the end though, and then I used white fondant to give the cake an iced look!
I made swirls to look like squirty cream from rolled white fondant, cherries from Ruby Red fondant, and then stuck them all together, with slices of angelica for the cherry stems. I made enough of these to go around both cakes.

I gave the sliced areas of the top cake some 'filling' and then finished the whole thing off with a candle and some spiral confetti!
This is most definitely one of my favourite cakes to date!! Now I just need to experiment with different colours, 'fillings' and toppings!


  1. This is my favourite of your recent cakes, Georgie! It's so bright and funky (plus, I've always wanted to make one myself). Next time round, I'd suggest freezing (or just chilling) the wedge first for greater stability when you're crumb coating it and adding fondant. It's a GORGEOUS cake!!

  2. Thanks Ang,

    I did chill this cake to help set it, but still had issues with that wedge! Freezing may be a better option next time! ;)